Sunday 21 April 2024
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5 Tips For Increasing Property Value In Under A Month

5 Tips For Increasing Property Value In Under A Month

There can be a number of reasons as to why a homeowner might want to quickly increase the value of their property, with the most common being that they are about to place their property on the market and would like to ensure that they achieve a great return on their investment.

While property typically improves its value slowly and at the behest of the local community and market, there are a number of ways that a homeowner can increase value relatively quickly, even in under a month.

If you’re looking to improve your property’s value and have only a brief time period within which to do so, we have five tips for you.

Upgrade Heating Infrastructure

A home’s value is closely connected to its energy performance certificate (EPC) rating. If it fails to meet a suitable standard, not only will it be pricey to manage the property, with significant and ongoing energy costs, but it is also likely to be uncomfortable to live in.

If a home upgrades its heating system, with a new boiler or radiators, it can improve its EPC rating and its potential for comfort, raising its property value by assuring long-term savings.

Bespoke Feature

If your property has the capacity for bespoke features, such as home cinema systems, log cabins, or underfloor heating, it can see its value rise with their addition. Unique and exciting home assets tend to perform well among buyers because they are not only generally decadent but also memorable, with homes making a lasting impression.

Open Up

While it may push the limit of a month’s time limit, there is occasionally the potential for a home to be opened up, with rooms previously divided becoming one large open-plan space. Properties with a larger floor plan as well as stylish open designs tend to perform better on the market and, overall, have a greater value.

Go Solar

The addition of solar panels to a home is no longer a controversial investment. In fact, homes with solar panels are now increasingly sought after for their handsome return on investment. Not only do they allow homeowners to reduce their electricity bills but they also minimise a resident’s carbon footprint.

New Paint

Adding a fresh lick of paint to your home, whether on its exterior or interior, is, perhaps, the most well-known and effective way to improve property value. A fresh coat of paint not only gives buyers the impression that a home is new but it also helps it feel fresh and clean, two qualities that work in good favour of the property’s first impression.

Replace Windows

Once again relating to an EPC rating, a home’s windows have a great effect on property value. However, going beyond thermal insulation, high-quality and new windows also serve to minimise noise within a property, benefiting those homes that are nearer to roads or busy streets.

Certain window designs will also allow for more natural light to be brought into a home, creating a greater sense of space and making many interior designs look even better with illumination.