Friday 14 June 2024
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Looking for New Properties in Dubai? Check Meydan Avenue

Looking for New Properties in Dubai? Check Meydan Avenue

Meydan Avenue is located in the center of the iconic Meydan Grandstand. Situated 16 minutes from Business Bay towards And Al Sheba area, Meydan Avenue is a relatively new development in Dubai. While it may be slightly out of the way from the hustle and bustle, it’s within close proximity to residential and commercial districts.

Meydan Avenue has a blend of everything a modern community should have. If you’re looking to purchase new property, here are several reasons why Meydan Avenue should be at the top of your list.

About Meydan Avenue

The alluring appeal of Meydan Avenue is it has a combination of everything you could possibly want in a property area. Meydan Avenue features mixed-use properties and is known as a commercial, leisure, and residential destination in Dubai. Meydan Avenue is well-connected to the rest of the city, with access to all streets and major highways. Many of the properties in the area are within the Meydan district.

Community Overview

If you opt to buy property in meydan avenue, there are a ton of fantastic facilities you’ll get to make use of. This includes a grand outdoor space that houses many parks and playgrounds. Meydan Avenue also has a 3.5km pedestrian walkway connectivity. In the area, you will find a 500m boardwalk too, as well as separate bike lanes. The boardwalk in particular features a variety of entertainment options. There’s a grand network of food, beverage, and retail chains too, making it the perfect destination to buy and raise a family in.

Properties in Meydan Avenue

When taking a stroll down Meydan Avenue, you will find a grand retail space and residential buildings. There are roughly 37 apartment buildings that feature 1,811 units. AZIZI has new properties in Dubai to check out, especially in Meydan avenue. The residential areas in Meydan Avenue are constructed to be eco-friendly and include a proper waste management system. Across Meydan Avenue, you’ll find a fantastic range of options for renting and buying, from 1 bed to 4-bedroom apartments.

Sales Trends

If you’re an investor looking to purchase apartments in Meydan Avenue, you’ll be happy to know they come with reasonable price tags, especially when you consider the amenities and location. For example, if you are after flats for sale in meydan avenue, the price of a 1 bed will range between AED 930k to AED 1.1 million. For those after a 2 bed flat, expect to pay between AED 1.3 million and AED 2 million. Asking prices for 3 bed flats in Meydan Avenue stand between AED 2.7 million and AED 3.2 million. The total amount you pay will be based on a variety of factors. This includes the location, number of floors, the building, and proximity to main roads.

With a short car journey away from Business Bay, an 18-minute drive from Dubai’s International Airport, and a whole host of leisure activities and amenities to enjoy, it’s easy to see why thousands of people choose Meydan Avenue when buying property.