Friday 14 June 2024
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The Property Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing Next Year

The Property Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing Next Year

A new year means new design trends and stores around the world will be readying their shelves to ensure they stock the products that every homeowner want to bring to their property. After years of so-called Japandi design (a portmanteau of Japanese and Scandinavian) taking over, it seems that tastes are finally starting to change, perhaps due to the various lockdowns that have encouraged residents to rethink their homes.

Regardless of the reason, now, for the first time in years, a major change is taking place within homes. Our work lives are merging with our home lives, sustainability is in focus, and nature is being welcomed indoors more than ever. So, to ensure that your home keeps up with the latest style, we’ve got a list of the best trends you’ll be seeing next year.

Dark Wood

For years, forward-thinking antique dealers have been storing their dark wood furniture items, waiting for the tide to turn. Light wood has been in favour for over a decade but, in 2022, it seems that the tables are finally starting to turn. Dark wood items are complementing the vintage aesthetic that homeowners are looking for and, currently, remains very affordable, making it also a great choice for frugal designers.

Home Office

Spare rooms are out and home offices are in. Or, at least, they are being combined. As working from home becomes ubiquitous, residents are seeking to incorporate enclosed professional spaces into the home, whether inside their garden sheds or attics. These spaces are taking on numerous designs, often replicating typical office design, but are most often being designed with the separation of professional and personal in mind, hence why garden outbuildings are so popular.

Even More Natural

Houseplants have been in vogue for some time and instead of becoming less common, nature is making itself more at home than ever, inspiring designs, furniture, and even structures. Large windows that welcome sunlight, floral prints, natural materials, and nostalgic cottagecore designs are in demand. Residents, it seems, don’t want to be without nature and its healing properties, reducing the gap between outdoors and indoors more than ever before.

Wellness Aesthetics

Alongside the modular designs helping to blend professional and personal lives within the home, mental health is also in focus. Wellness aesthetics, those home designs that enable a person to feel happy and bear less stress, are now appearing. For more generously sized homes, this can manifest as entire rooms dedicated to yoga and relaxation, whereas others are finding solace in rooms without digital devices, those that are insulated enough that they can step away from the stress of the world when inside.

Maximalism and Patterns

Vintage patterned rugs, statement floral wallpapers, and an abundance of different power-clashing materials are now replacing the sparse, minimalist designs we know and love. Residents, it seems, are feeling nostalgic for comfortable times, taking joy in plush, shag rugs, as well as the soft velvet of comfortable sofas. Even colours and being welcomed back into homes, with white walls being replaced with bold, autumnal shades and tones.