Wednesday 24 July 2024
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Tips To Help You Choose The Most Appealing Art For Assisted Living Communities

Tips To Help You Choose The Most Appealing Art For Assisted Living Communities

Gone are the days where aged people used to live in old homes. The current living communities are modern. They are fitted with all the extravagant and styles that boutique restaurants and modern multi family homes offer their customers.  Though senior residents have a couple of years to their name, they should reside in a serene and beautiful environment. Here are some of the types of art for the assisted living community to craft an impact.

Local love

Whether it is a local artist or the black and white gallery wall of vintage pictures of a surrounding environment, form a personal attachment to the art displayed on the wall. By including art for assisted living that either reminds the dwellers of the local sceneries or connects them with other members of the society is more engaging.

Go for higher contrast art

In assisted living homes with people with aging eyes, you need to introduce new design challenges. As the vision continues to get worse, scenes and colors will become muddled. Choose art for assisted living that has higher contrast with colors and shapes such that the image will be more distinguished. Artwork with higher contrast creates more impact in the room.

Choose a theme

Picking art for amenity places like game rooms or theater should be playful and fun. These spaces are meant to be engaging with the residents. By choosing art for the assisted living community that is on the theme in the happening in the spaces brings more community involvement.

Break the mold

Try to be creative when choosing art for assisted living communities. You need to introduce pieces of art that are tactile creates a special visual interest by breaking the repetition of framed art for assisted living. It offers opportunities to let people interact with the art, by default, interact more in their community.


In assisted living communities with memory care spaces, it’s essential to mount art for assisted living that assists seriously locate themselves in these spaces. Offering a senior some directions like “the dining room is past the flora wall painting” forms a memorable story than directions that say “take a right at the white wall”. Making impactful moments that assist in distinguishing one space from the rest will assist in alleviating the confusion and anxiety that’s common with memory care victims.

Note that each assisted living community needs its unique thought and design style depending on the people living there. Therefore, it’s vital to create surroundings that are engaging and beautiful. One of the most effective ways to attain this is by choosing the best art for assisted living. You can consult a nearby interior design company for more information.